Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum vittaturn
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    Bright but indirect sunlight.

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    Water well in spring & summer; less in winter.

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    Will benefit from occasional misting.

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    Once a month during spring & summer.

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    red spider mites

About the Spider Plant

It’s easy to see why this plant is referred to as a spider plant – lots of little plants resembling spiders dangle from a stalk on the main plant. When you hang it in a basket it can look stunning.
The Spider plant is very easy to look after and difficult to kill so it’s ideal if you haven’t got a good track record with plants and will forgive you if you forget about it from time to time. Most bathrooms don’t have a lot of natural light so the spider plant would make a good addition to yours.

Caring for your Spider Plant

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    It will pretty much cope in any lighting but won't do well in direct sunlight as that will damage its leaves.

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    Water until it drains through the bottom. Don’t let it sit in water as it will cause the plant's roots to rot.

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    Doesn't require humid conditions but the odd misting won't hurt.

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    Feed during spring and summer every couple of weeks.

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    Tolerant of varying temperatures so as long as your rooms aren't too cold it will do well.

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    Red spider mites can attack this plant. Try removing with pesticide.

First aid for your Spider Plant

Common problems

The tips of my plant have gone brown

It’s common for the tips of the spider plant to turn brown. It might be due to flouride in the water. Try using rain water instead or when you fill your watering can let it sit for one or two days before using it. Trim brown leaves using scissors.

The leaves have lost their colour and are looking straggly

Might be because it's too dry and too bright. Move away from direct sunlight and water well.

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