Why keep house plants

Why not keep them – they’re great to look at, making a beautiful addition to your home. They can cheer you up, their green foliage and flowers enhancing your mood. They help remove toxins from the air, making your health better.

Most people have at least one indoor plant but not everyone knows how to look after their plants or which houseplants to go for when they want some new ones. Plants can also make a nice house warming gift for someone – if you know the person and the room then Houseyourplants.com can help with finding your plants.

About houseyourplants

This website is aimed at those who don’t have a great track record at looking after plants. It helps you find a plant by thinking about which room you want the plant for, where in the room you want to put it and whether you want it to be easy to care for or a bit more of a challenge.

Disclaimer: The plants on this site are just suggestions for the rooms in your home. A plant recommended for the bedroom might do just as well in the living room. It’s meant as a simple guide, to get you going. The information contained is based on my own experience of owning plants and from things I’ve read along the way. If you can’t seem to find a plant there will be more added soon.

If there’s a plant that you’d like to see on the site, send me a tweet @houseyourplants or leave a message on the Facebook page.

About the author

I have created houseyourplants as part of my MA in Web Design & Content Planning at the University of Greenwich. Images contained in this site are photographed by me or are published under the creative commons licences.

Boston fern image courtesy of bfishadow