Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura kerchoveana
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    Low-bright light; avoid direct sunlight.

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    Keep soil moist spring & summer; drier autumn & winter

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    Mist regularly or position close to other plants.

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    Feed during spring and summer.

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    16 - 27C

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    Mites, mealy bugs and scale.

About the Prayer Plant

Known for its beautiful foliage, the Prayer plant would make a beautiful addition to your livingroom and it’s not too difficult to keep it looking its best.

During the day the Prayer Plant’s leaves usually lay flat but at night time move to an upright position, resembling hands raised in prayer – hence its common name.

The top side of its leaves are green with brown blotches which fade to green over time.
Underneath, they are dark purple forming a pleasing contrast.
They also occasionally have white flowers.

The Prayer Plant’s roots are quite shallow so it’ll grow best in a shallow pot. It will grow to around
30cm in diameter and 30cm high which makes it a great plant for your table or shelf.

Caring for your Prayer Plant

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    A Prayer Plant will cope with low light but does best with plenty of light.
    Don't place it in direct sunlight as this can cause the leaves to lose their colour.

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    During spring and summer keep the plant's soil moist and don't allow it to dry out completely.

    In autumn and winter you can water less frequently.

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    Prayer Plants love humidity. You can create humidity by spraying the plant regularly with warm water or keep a bowl of water near the plant.You could also place it near to other plants as this creates humidity.

    It's important to ensure humidity during winter as your central heating will dry the air out.

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    Feed every two weeks to one month during the growing period in spring and summer. You can use regular plant food. There's no need to feed your Prayer Plant during autumn or winter.

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    Your houseplant will do best in temperatures ranging from 16-27C

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    Prayer Plants can be susceptible to mites, mealy bugs and scale. Be sure to check your plant's health regularly. If you spot any pests then quarantine the plant from your other plants and treat with insecticide.

First aid for your Prayer Plant

Common problems

The tips of my Prayer Plant's leaves have turned brown.

Brown leaves can be a sign that there is not enough humidity. Try misting it regularly or place on top of some pebbles in a shallow bowl of water so that the plant is not in contact with the water. It might help placing it among other plants.

My Prayer Plant looks straggly – it has long stalks with few leaves.

It's good to prune your houseplant regularly as it can encourage more growth and keep it in good shape. Trim any leaves and stalks back to just above where the stalk meets the soil.

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