Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
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    Bright light needed.

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    Water well when in bloom.

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    Not required.

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    Feed while blooming.

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    Scale and Mealybug

About the Flaming Katy

With a name like Flaming Katy you expect something stunning and this plant delivers. It’s a succulent (storing moisture in its fleshy leaves) but it’s leaves aren’t its best feature – it produces bright flowers that can add a burst of colour to your room, especially during winter months. One for the living room where you can enjoy it fully.

It makes a good gift but once the plant has bloomed it can be difficult getting it to do so again. It’s not impossible, but it’s why many people discard it and just buy a new one.

Caring for your Flaming Katy

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    Ensure it gets plenty of sunlight. It will cope with direct sunlight so might do well on your window sill or on a table close to the window.

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    Water enough to keep the soil moist during the months it's in flower. Water less the rest of the year.

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    The plant doesn't need humid conditions.

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    While the plant is in flower you can feed it. No need to feed it outside of this period.

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    It will do well in normal room temperatures. If you do keep it next to a window, remove it from there during the evening as it might suffer if the temperature drops below 5C.

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    Scale and Mealybug can be an issue with this plant.

First aid for your Flaming Katy

Common problems

The plant won't flower

It can be tricky getting the plant to bloom again. You could try pruning it back once it has flowered to see whether this helps. Otherwise, take leaf cuttings to propagate the plant and when it grows again it should bloom. It's for this reason that many people discard it after it's bloomed and buy another Flaming Katy the next year.

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