Dragon tree

Dragon tree

Dracaena Marginata
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    Will cope with bright or dull conditions.

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    Keep the soil moist.

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    Does not need humid air.

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    Feed during spring and summer.

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    normal room temperature: 17-21C

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    Spider Mites

About the Dragon tree

The Dracaena Marginata displays beautiful long, thin green leaves that have a dark maroon colour at their edges.

An ideal plant for those who don’t have a lot of time to care for their plants as it will suffer neglect and still look good. It’s a grower – can reach up to 6 feet – so it’d make a good one for the floor. Try keeping it in the hallway as it will cope with lower lighting and dry air.

NASA named the Dracaena as one of the plants that will help to remove toxins from the air, making it a good one to keep around..

Caring for your Dragon tree

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    It will cope in areas that get lots or little light but to keep it healthy and growing well keep it not too far from a window or door that gets sunlight.

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    Keep the soil of your Dragon tree moist but don't over water it and cause the soil to get soggy. If the tips of the leaves are brown it might be a sign that it isn't getting enough water.

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    The Dracaena Marginata doesn't need a humid environment to thrive but you could mist it from time to time.

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    As with most plants, feed during growing times in spring and summer. No need to feed during winter months.

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    It will do well with normal room temperatures.

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    It can be susceptible to Spider Mites as they thrive on dry conditions. Misting the plant from time to time will keep the air around it moist and deter this pest.

First aid for your Dragon tree

Common problems

The bottom leaves have turned yellow and are falling off.

Don't worry if this happens as it is quite normal. Lower leaves are shed as new ones grow on the top.

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