Cast Iron plant

Cast Iron plant

Aspidistra elatior
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    any lighting conditions except direct sunlight.

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    Water when top soil is dry.

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    Copes well in dry air.

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    feed in spring/summer once a month.

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    10C to 25C

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About the Cast Iron plant

The Aspidistra is a very easy plant to care for and pretty hard to kill. It used to be popular in Victorian times as it survived in low light and cold Victorian houses which might be why it earned the name Cast Iron plant.

Its ability to cope with not very bright locations makes it a good contender for a hallway that perhaps doesn’t see a lot of daylight.

The Aspidistra can flower but it is quite rare for it to do so which is why most people buy it for its long green leaves.

Caring for your Cast Iron plant

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    The only lighting that the Cast Iron plant doesn’t cope with is direct sunlight. Otherwise it will survive with little or lots of light.

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    Like many plants, the Cast Iron plant will suffer more from over-watering than under-watering,

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    The Cast Iron plant shouldn’t require humid conditions.

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    Feed monthly during spring and summer when the plant will be growing.

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    It’s quite tolerant of temperature so should cope in any room of the house.

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    No known pests.

First aid for your Cast Iron plant

Common problems

The leaves have turned yellow

Yellow leaves can mean you’re overwatering or your plant is getting too much direct sunlight. Try watering less and moving the Aspidistra to a location with indirect light.

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