Avocado plant

Avocado seed in jar of water with roots below and leaves above
After a while roots will appear from the avocado seed

Who would have thought that you can grow an avocado tree in the UK! Well, tree might be pushing it but the end result is still impressive.

Getting the avocado seed ready

If you’re preparing an avocado to eat then be sure to keep the seed to one side. Give it a wash and then let it dry a little. I used toothpicks to create a cradle for the seed to sit in because for it to work you need to semi-submerge it in water.

Take three toothpicks and push them into the seed at equal distances. Now, you will probably be able to tell the top from the bottom of the seed because of the shape so press your toothpicks so that it’s facing top to bottom. I didn’t do this but it still grew fine for me.

Next, take a glass jar (or another container) with an opening that’s not too wide. I used an old pasta jar as you can see from the image above. Fill it with water until the bottom of the seed is submerged. Place it on a sunny window cill – mine was on the kitchen window – and keep the water levels topped up. If it starts to go green then replace the water.

Patience pays off

You do have to wait a while before you’ll notice anything happening. For me, after about a month I started to see roots appear.

Closeup of avocado seed in a jar of water with roots below and stem growing above

Once you have strong roots appear then you can move it into soil. It’s a good idea to keep the seed slightly above the soil level. Your avocado plant won’t like the cold so it’s best to keep it indoors although during summer you could leave it outside in the sun or keep it in your greenhouse. Keep it watered and during spring and summer give it some food to keep it going.

Avocado plant potted on from jar into a brown plant pot

Will I get avocados?

You might! We don’t have the ideal conditions for growing avocados but it’s not unknown. Once the plant matures and if your plant begins to flower then you might be blessed with your own avocado to eat.

Even if you don’t, the plant is a lovely addition to the home as a house plant – as it grows keep potting it on and it might become big enough to make a beautiful statement plant in your rooms.

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