Cyclamen persicum
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    Bright, but not direct sunlight.

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    Water when soil feels dry.

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    High humidity; mist often.

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    Every 2 weeks in spring & summer

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    Cool temperatures are best; 10-20C

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    no pests

About the Cyclamen

The Cyclamen is a good plant to have around the house during winter as it will produce beautiful colourful blooms from October to April. It comes in a variety of colours so you could by a few plants and place them together to show off their colours.

After it’s bloomed, the plant becomes dormant. You might think to look at it that it has started to die but it is quite normal for it to lose its leaves and flowers. Once this starts to happen, you can water it less and move it to a cooler area of the house. Don’t throw it out because come next winter it will produce more beautiful blooms to liven up your room.

The cyclamen doesn’t grow very big so it will be best placed on a side table in your living room, where you and your visitors can admire its blooms, or bedside table.

Caring for your Cyclamen

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    It’s best to avoid direct sunlight so try placing the cyclamen in north-facing window. When the plant enters dormancy (usually around spring time) you can move it somewhere darker.

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    The cyclamen is fussy with watering. You need to get it when the soil feels dry but not too dry that the leaves have started to wilt. when watering, be sure to water below the leaves as these can rot if water remains on them. Let the water drain away once you’ve watered and be careful not to leave the plant sitting in water. During its dormancy, over the spring/summer, don’t water it. You can begin watering again in September.

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    Try to keep the plant around humid air when it's growing and flowering. You can do this by misting regularly or even better by placing it on a tray of water with some pebbles in it so that the air around the plant will be humid but it won't be sitting in water itself.

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    Feed from time to time during growth periods.

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    Keep your cyclamen cool and preferably away from radiators. Temperatures between 10 and 20C will help keep the cyclamen healthy. If it's a cold, frosty evening, bring it away from any windows and further into the room to stop it getting too cold.

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    The Cyclamen doesn't really have any pests.

First aid for your Cyclamen

Common problems

Some of the leaves have turned yellow

It might be that the plant is getting too much heat or light. Try moving it to a cooler, slightly darker area. Leaves and flowers will die. You can remove them to encourage more growth.

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